Reflections by Lady Chap: With Gratitude

Nov 22, 2021 | 0 comments

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I just want to express my gratitude and my heart with you, as we are approaching Thanksgiving, and this is the season to be thankful. Although I believe we should have gratitude and be thankful every day, all day, every moment for everything that touches our lives, everything that is placed in our lives, to just be grateful and thankful.

Don’t get caught up in being busy, stressful, worried about getting through everything on your task list. Don’t get upset that the sweet potato pie, for some of us, or the pumpkin pie, doesn’t turn out right. Or the turkey could have tasted better, maybe it turns out a little dry. Don’t worry about the relative that’s coming over that somewhat sucks up the air in the room, and don’t be sad about the ones that can’t show up that you wish were still here because their spirit is with you.

Enjoy your moment, embrace it, and be grateful for the love, the family, the friends, and another day on this earth. With gratitude.

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