It’s a Gouda Time to Celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day!

Jan 20, 2022 | 0 comments

National Cheese Lovers Day is upon us, and I for one think it’s a gouda day to celebrate. The first recorded cheese was made by accident when a sheepherder stored the sheep’s milk for too long and the milk separated and became whey. Then the brave shepherds tried it, and here we are today, with what we know as cheese, glorious, cheese. The first word I ever uttered was “water,” but the second and third were “cheese, pleeeese.” Fair to say, I love cheese and always have.

I used to have to diminish my love of cheese in public, resist the urge to order cheese and crackers and some sort of meat on a plate every time I went to a restaurant. I hid in my room in shame when I would eat melted sharp cheddar on a plate. But with the rise of social media, cheese lovers like myself could come out of hiding. Suddenly, everyone was posting about the wonderful cheese, meat and cracker plates they were enjoying, not only that but posters were including the names of the restaurants and stores where they were purchasing all of their lovely whey concoctions.

Once the social media charcuterie plate door was knocked on, cheese lovers kicked it in. We proudly devoured our cheese in public with pride. I, for one, ordered cheese at every opportunity. So today as we celebrate Cheese Lovers Day, I encourage you to eat the cheese, savor it, relish it. Surprise yourself and treat yourself to a new cheese, try a variety that you’ve never experienced before to celebrate this wonderful day.

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