The Puzzle of Life: A Daughter’s Love Story

Nov 23, 2020 | 0 comments

While my mom was going through her transition from cancer, I discovered a lot of new things about this person who has been in my life all my life, and it was very interesting and intriguing. And while I was discovering things about her that I either didn’t realize or hadn’t taken the time to analyze or appreciate, I discovered a lot of things about myself. But one of the things that I discovered is that my mom did not realize how much she was loved outside of her family, how much she was admired.

This year has been a humbling journey, and it has changed me to grow and be a better person for myself and others. I have learned to take time to pause and appreciate every moment, to be in the moment and treasure those moments of life. If, like me, you need to take that time for yourself, our Her Nexx Chapter Community invites you to join us where women are connecting with each other’s stories, exploring different experiences, and transforming ideas.

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