Reflections by Lady Chap: Embrace

Feb 4, 2021 | 0 comments

Embrace! 2021 represents a new decade, and as we are all transitioning out of 2020 into this new arena, it’s important that we as women have the understanding that there are challenges. And we as women have faced several unwanted, twisted, mental challenges. And as strong as our challenges are, we have the capability and the strength to be unstoppable and conquer.

There’s this new book that was introduced to me entitled A Winning Season. It’s time to put ourselves in a winning season. Stop avoiding the difficult situations and meet them head on and force ourselves to grow through it. Not get through it but grow through it. Stop apologizing for what you don’t feel, what you should feel and embrace the new. So what we can do, we can make a choice to embrace the shift of the universe into the new. Channel our energy into the new environment. Plant ourselves in new soil so that we can blossom and expand our horizon. I choose to embrace. You choose. 

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