Reflections by Lady Chap: Her Truth

Jun 4, 2021 | 0 comments

Do you know someone who has trouble holding on or accepting their truth? Their self-truth?

I once had a friend who’d convinced herself to hold on to her size 4 dresses. She even went as far as buying size 4 dresses although she was a size 8 and 5 feet tall. Some might say that was a great motivator, but actually it was the opposite. Holding on to those size 4s was preventing her from embracing her truth, and it was demotivating because she couldn’t accept the change or embrace and love who she was in the present.

I admire women who have decided to be comfortable in their own skin based on their own rules. There is nothing like a full-shaped woman who might even be bald that has so much confidence that she sucks up the air in the room. Again, she made the decision to accept her truth whatever that is and freed herself; that has allowed her to blossom and not allow anyone or anything to hold her back. 

Her Truth. Her Acceptance. Her Reality. Her Rules.

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